Muffler System Replacement

When do you need the Muffler System Replacement? Read this to Avoid Unnecessary Expenditure

Trivial it may sound, but it is crucial to maintain your car’s muffler system. Without it, your vehicle’s performance and overall functioning can be compromised. If you ignore its maintenance, you can be greeted by a hoard of problems such as noise disturbances, harmful emissions, reduced fuel efficiency and even engine damage. All of it you can avoid just by ensuring that your muffler system functions optimally. Depending on the problem’s severity, the mechanic may advise you on muffler repair and replacement.

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Telltale signs of deterioration:

Loud noises:

If your vehicle releases loud, unusual and roaring sounds, it is an obvious sign of a deteriorating muffler. For those unfamiliar with the muffler’s role, it dampens the exhaust noise. It fails to mitigate the vibrations during acceleration when damaged with cracks or holes. As a result, you might hear strange noises. Besides, the muffler’s chamber is designed to efficiently reduce vibrations and noise caused by exhaust gases. If you do not get the muffler repaired or replaced, it may lead to roaring noises, thumping, clunking or rattling noises in the exhaust pipe.

Unpleasant odour:

Foul or unpleasant odour is another indicator of muffler damage. It happens when the muffler cannot efficiently filter the exhaust fumes. Unable to release, when these fumes accumulate, they produce a noticeable, foul smell inside the car. It is haphazard for health and the environment as it releases unfiltered emissions. So, muffler system replacement is crucial, even from the environment’s perspective.

Reduced gas mileage:

A malfunctioning muffler will bring down your gas mileage and hit your pocket hard. When a muffler system works at its optimum efficiency, it capably filters exhaust and improves fuel economy. So, a drop in fuel mileage and increased visits to fuel stations are also telltale signs of getting the exhaust system repair.

Rust and dripping:

This is one of the most ‘visible’ signs of muffler system replacement. If your vehicle’s muffler is rusted or you see liquid dripping from it, it is high time to get it checked. CorrosionCorrosion takes place when condensation accumulates in the pipe. It gradually leads to leaks and roaring noise. If the damage is in the initial phase, it can be controlled by repairing work. However, after a certain point, you must get it replaced to prevent it from causing further damage to your vehicle. Muffler’s surface can be rusted for many reasons. Outer surface rust does not harm the system, but its deeper penetration demands immediate attention.

Hot engine:

It is natural for the car engine to pick up heat when the vehicle is running. However, if it is exceptionally hot, it can be because of the faulty muffler. A malfunctioning muffler obstructs the exhaust flow, which results in high engine temperature. It may also diminish the engine’s power. A simple way to test this is to leave your machine on for a few minutes and monitor engine temperatures. If it soars higher than the limit, you should promptly get your muffler checked.  

Age-related deterioration:

Just like other car components, your muffler system can work well for five to seven years without requiring any repair. However, they, too, experience wear and tear over time. Unfavourable conditions such as road salt, speed bumps or potholes may lead to fast deterioration of the muffler system. That is why it is advisable to get your muffler system inspected regularly. Professional mechanics may suggest small repairs to retain their longevity.  

Does it need replacement or repair?

– Use a car jack to raise the vehicle. It will help you inspect the muffler properly. Examine for cracks, holes and rust. Depending on the problem’s severity, it can be repaired or replaced.  

– Do you see water dripping from the muffler? Substantial leakage indicates that your muffler is damaged beyond repair.  

– If the engine temperature shoots up within minutes, it indicates severe muffler damage.  

– Above all, it is wise to seek professional advice to avoid further damage that a dysfunctional muffler can inflict upon your vehicle. 

Neglecting muffler-related problems can cost you much more in the future. Therefore, whenever you notice signs such as loud noise, hot engine, rust or dripping, do not procrastinate visiting your car mechanic. A well-functioning muffler system will give you good mileage and help reduce your carbon footprint by controlling emissions. So, as soon as you encounter a problem in your muffler system, entrust your vehicle to a qualified mechanic.